Fake Blood Clear Thick, clotting 100 ml 139-05.4

Weight: 330 g

Superstar Fake Blood Clear Thick is a beautiful and clear fake blood. It is quite thick and stays nicely on the applied area without running and can be used for making bloody wounds. The blood clots. By combining light and dark blood you create a beautiful result. Ideal for wounds and Halloween. 


  • Thin blood can be applied with a clean brush or sponge. Or directly from the bottle.
  • For a smudge effect, use a stubble sponge.


The Superstar Fake Blood Clear Thick is easy to remove with soap and water. The Superstar Make up Eraser black (art. no. 139-21720) is ideal for removing fake blood with soap and water.

This blood is washable. First rinse any stains thoroughly with lukewarm water, then wash by hand or in the washing machine.


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