Emerald 139-00.905



Superstar Aqua Face- and Bodypaint is a very user-friendly water make-up of high quality and meets all the strict requirements of the European Cosmetics Legislation (1223/2009 / EC). The colors are nice and clear, the make-up works pleasantly and is easy to remove. A thin layer of Superstar make-up is sufficient to create a nice covering base. The make-up dries quickly and does not stain.

The STAR shimmer colors have more shine and glitter than the normal shimmers. They are ideal for making up the basis of your creations and setting lines. Because the shimmer colors are a bit softer, you don't need a lot of water to activate the make-up.

Packagings Superstar Aqua Face and Bodypaint are available in two sizes: 16 grams and 45 grams.


Do not use ready-to-use moist cleansing wipes, baby wipes, face polishers, etc. Do not use make-up paint that contains wax and / or oil, as this will allow the make-up to adhere correctly to the skin. Do not rub or scrub hard, as this will cause the make-up to absorb into the skin.

The Superstar Make up Eraser black is ideal for removing face paint. Wet the cloth with water and use some mild soap if necessary. Wipe it gently over the make-up skin to remove the make-up. Product code: 139-21720


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