Sparkling glitter iridescent pearl 139-67.051

Weight: 105 g

Superstar Sparkling Glitter is a real must have in your facepaint kit. You can add sparkling accents in a quick and easy way. The glitter is suitable for both skin and hair. The Sparkling Glitter has a holographic effect and can be applied directly to the skin. The Superstar Sparkling Glitter contains fine polyester glitter of cosmetic quality.

Available in a 10 gram puffer bottle in 6 different colours, iridescent maize, iridescent skyblue, iridescent pearl, iridescent silver, iridescent gold, iridescent rose.

How to use:

You apply the Superstar Sparkling Glitter by holding the bottle upside down above the place where you want the glitter to sparkle and then gently tap the bottom. Not suitable for use around the eyes.

Because the skin is not touched, this is a very hygienic way to apply glitter.

How to remove:

To ensure the glitter particles do not end up in the environment, remove the glitter with a cotton ball with skin-friendly oil. Then carefully remove the remaining glitter with masking tape or painter's tape.


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