Fake Blood, clear thin 500 ml. 139-03.1



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The Superstar Fake Blood Clear Thin is a beautiful and clear fake blood. It can be used to make bloody wounds and to run a stream of blood over the skin. Because it is so thin, it is ideal for creating an arterial bleed. Do you need blood spatters, for example on your costume? Use the Clear Thin Blood for an easy and natural looking effect. Ideal for wounds and Halloween

This blood is washable. First rinse any stains thoroughly with lukewarm water, then wash by hand or in the washing machine.

Industrie- en Handelsonderneming Superstar B.V.

Superstar is a Dutch company founded in 1947, specialized in making professional face paint for both the amateur and the professional. Superstar is one of the founders of professional face paint and has played an important role in the development of the Aqua Face and Bodypaint as it is today, from the face paint pens to the beautiful bright colours in the water-based face paint today.

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