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Regulation by the authorities that apply to you will always take priority over the advice we provide in the text and documents below.  

Superstar has, in collaboration with professional parties in the field of product safety, written advice on how to handle Superstar Aqua Face-and Bodypaint.

The quality products of Superstar Face and Bodypaint, located in Oosterhout (Netherlands), are unique in composition and are made in a specific production process that complies with strict European laws and regulations. With the support of professional companies specializing in product safety, we have developed a protocol exclusively for Superstar for the safe and proper use of our products.

If other measures from your government apply, the advice from your government must always be followed.

If you have any questions as a result of this advice, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your telephone number and question we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

We wish you good health, wisdom and (home) face –and bodypaint pleasure.



General Instructions.pdf

COVID-19 additional protocol Superstar.pdf

Health checklist customers

Health check for you and your staf.pdf

Cleaning and disinfecting brushes.pdf

Hand wash protocol.pdf

Advice Superstar on the use of personal protective equipment.pdf


Gebruiksaanwijzing Superstar

COVID-19 aanvullend protocol Superstar.pdf

Gezondheidscheck voor klanten

Gezondheidscheck voor jezelf en medewerkers.pdf

Reinigen en desinfecteren van penselen.pdf

Handenwas protocol.pdf

Advies gebruik persoonlijke beschermingsmiddelen.pdf


Instructions générales Superstar.pdf

Protocole Superstar COVID-19.pdf

Bilan de santé pour les clients.pdf

Bilan de santé pour vous et vos employés.pdf

Nettoyage et désinfection des pinceaux.pdf

Protocole de lavage des mains.pdf

Conseils de Superstar sur l'utilisation des équipements de protection.pdf



Protocolo Superstar Covid-19.pdf

Consulte la lista de verificación de salud del cliente.pdf

Control de salud para usted y sus empleados.pdf

Limpieza y desinfección de pinceles.pdf

Protocolo de lavado a mano.pdf

Consejos de Superstar sobre el uso de equipos de protección personal.pdf


Superstar Bedienungsanleitung.pdf

Superstar Covid-19 Protokoll.pdf

Gesundheits-Check für Kunden.pdf

Gesundheits-Check für Sie selbst und Ihre Angestellten.pdf

Säuberung und Desinfektion von Pinseln.pdf


Superstar Ratschläge zum Gebrauch von persönlicher Schutzausrüstung.pdf


Superstar Bedienungsanleitung.pdf

COVID-19 Protocollo aggiuntivo.pdf

Controllo di salute per i clienti.pdf

Controllo di salute per te e per i tuoi impiegati.pdf

Pulizia e disinfezione dei pennelli.pdf

Protocollo di lavaggio a mano.pdf

I consigli di Superstar riguardo l’uso delle attrezzature personali protettive.pdf

Industrie- en Handelsonderneming Superstar B.V.

Superstar is a Dutch company founded in 1947, specialized in making professional face paint for both the amateur and the professional. Superstar is one of the founders of professional face paint and has played an important role in the development of the Aqua Face and Bodypaint as it is today, from the face paint pens to the beautiful bright colours in the water-based face paint today.

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