Laser Gold Chunky Mix 98720



small jar
6 pieces

Superstar Chunky Glitter are a real must have for your face paint kit. You can add sparkling accents in aquick and easy way. The glitter is suitable for both skin and hair. The Chunky Glitter can be applied directlyor in combination with the Superstar Glitterless gel (item no. 1139-20.001). For use in the hair you use a hair gel.

The Superstar Chunky Glitter contains a mix of fine, medium and larger cosmetic grade Polyethylene Terepthalate glitter. By mixing these sizes, these glitters look very festive and spectacularon the skin.

Available in 8 different types and colour combinations of 8ml.

How to use:

Apply the Superstar Chunky Glitter to still wet make-up or by first applying the Superstar Glitterless Gel with a clean brush or a (disposable) applicator. Apply the Superstar Chunky Glitter with a clean brush or a(disposable) applicator directly on the skin or in the hair. Before use in the hair, spread the gel in the hair and as long as it is still wet, sprinkle the glitter on it.

Not suitable for use around the eyes.

Use a new brush or applicator for each new face for hygiene.

How to remove:

To ensure the glitter particles do not end up in the environment, remove the glitter with a cotton ball with skin-friendly oil. Then carefully remove the remaining glitter with masking tape or painter's tape. You can use a general waste bin for the glitter litter.

Industrie- en Handelsonderneming Superstar B.V.

Superstar is a Dutch company founded in 1947, specialized in making professional face paint for both the amateur and the professional. Superstar is one of the founders of professional face paint and has played an important role in the development of the Aqua Face and Bodypaint as it is today, from the face paint pens to the beautiful bright colours in the water-based face paint today.

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